Financial Services, Advice & Planning

Here at Britton Financial we offer sound, professional advice in a number of key financial areas. We understand that each of our clients has their own financial needs and objectives, and we work hard to address these differences, tailoring our services to offer each client a unique financial package.

Whether you’re starting your retirement and looking for the best level of income from pensions or investments, or you’re a young family concerned about protecting against the financial consequences of death or illness, here at Britton Financial you’ll receive the very best financial advice in Colchester.

Pensions, Retirements & Investments

We work for real people, and with Britton Financial you’ll find a financial advisor in Colchester who’s able to work out exactly where you stand. We help you back your financial decisions with meaning and direction and put a carefully planned strategy in place – one that examines in detail your current financial situation and looks to the future.

With an ever increasing range of investment choices available, choosing the right one can be a complicated and daunting task. Evaluating the short and long-term effects of each financial decision, an independent financial advisor in Colchester from Britton Financial is able to formulate a portfolio designed to maximise returns across a well diversified range of asset classes.

Protections, Savings & Planning

Our financial advice in Colchester helps those concerned with their financial security put measures in place to provide for those who may be financially disadvantaged by illness, accident and death. Our protection planning involves identifying only the most suitable and cost-effective life assurance products from a range of providers.

Because financial decisions are often complex, and the constantly changing market means that saving is not as simple as it used to be, here at Britton Financial we look to gain a thorough understanding of your individual circumstances, carefully analysing and planning to ensure that your money is working efficiently and effectively for you, and providing you with the security you need to fulfil your aspirations and realise your objectives.

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