Investment Advice

Seeking Independent Financial Advice in Colchester

Recent years of rising inflation and reduced interest rates have certainly made saving for the future a far more involved process than a generation ago. No longer is it enough to put your money in a standard savings account and watch the interest grow, you’d have to watch for a very long time to see the kinds of rewards you’re hoping for. With independent financial advice you could secure a regular income from your initial capital, and Britton can help you to find the products that best suit your individual requirements.

As an independent financial advisor, Colchester’s Britton Financial can guide you through the often daunting array of savings and investment choices, providing clear, jargon-free advice that can be the key to taking advantage of the opportunities available. With our in-depth knowledge and accurate advice you’ll be able to put your money to work in the most efficient manner possible, and we’ll evaluate your attitude to risk and need for income, growth or a combination of the two, in order to tailor a portfolio that’s designed to maximise returns across a well-diversified range of asset classes.

Choose Britton Financial and you have access to many years of expertise sourcing exceptional financial products from a wide range of providers, and as independent financial advisers we’re able to offer unbiased and impartial advice that puts your interests first. With our assistance you’ll find that investment decisions are more straightforward and we’ll work with you to balance risk and return in addition to reducing any tax liability.

Whether you’ve followed a structured savings plan during your working life or are looking to get your money working for you with a range of products, our independent financial advice could help you to maximise the rewards from a choice of savings and investment opportunities.