What our clients think…

Clients come from all walks of life, each having a different requirement and financial situation. At Britton Financial, we understand the importance of providing expertly tailored financial advice. A selection of clients have shared their experiences with us below:

‘Leading a busy life can mean that you lose sight of things you’d like to stay on top of, like your financial issues. I got in touch with Britton Financial because I was interested in pension and insurance advice. I really needed someone to assess my current situation and come up with a workable solution that could be implemented. Britton Financial did exactly what I needed them to, and more. Ken not only found solutions which really suit my needs, but is also monitoring the plans’ performance.

I would definitely recommend Ken’s services. The friendly way that he deals with these matters is such that you feel comfortable discussing personal issues. Britton Financial is relaxed and friendly, Ken is always willing to go the extra mile.’

Colchester, Essex.

When I was contacted by Lynn, on behalf of Britton Financial, I was relieved. Pensions is a subject very few of us really understand, and because of such, it’s an area that is all too easily ignored and forgotten about.

I had been putting off sorting out my husband’s and my own various pension pots for years, having not got very far with obtaining transfer values from our existing providers. I wasn’t relishing the thought of all the form filling in that was required.

We have received an excellent, first class service from Britton Financial, all I had to do was provide them with existing providers and relevant policy numbers, and they have done the rest. All our pensions have been consolidated into one policy each. It took only two brief, but highly beneficial, meetings with Britton Financial at our address, which was very convenient.

We would recommend Britton Financial to anyone who requires Pensions advice. We can sleep easy now, knowing that we will be financially secure in our retirement and cannot thank them enough.

Village near Ipswich, Suffolk.

‘I contacted Britton Financial when my employer decided to close down their final salary pension scheme. Not having any knowledge of pensions, I needed advice as to where to go from there to ensure I would be financially secure when I retired.

I’d contributed to other pension schemes in the past, and I thought it wise to have those examined at the same time. Britton Financial took an in-depth look at all the pension schemes I belonged to, and advised me which ones to leave alone as they were performing well. The pensions schemes that were not performing well were amalgamated and transferred into a new pension recommended by Britton.

The service I received from Britton was excellent, and I am confident they will continue to provide me with the same expert, knowledgable service as my pension matures.’

Village near Colchester, Essex.

We have used Britton financial for the last 5 years. We did so, as I believe when dealing with personal finance and investments you need to trust the individual looking after you, also with a forever changing finance industry and Regulations it’s hard to keep on top of what is the right thing to do, especially with Pensions.

Britton financial understood our requirements because they LISTEN and from their understanding of our circumstances, and having regular annual reviews we never feel out of touch with our policies as we are updated on their performance and advised accordingly.

Because of the way Britton Financial conduct themselves we would definitely recommend their services based on our experience with them the fact we trust them. Close family are now using their services too!

Near Braintree, Essex.

‘My wife and I had been putting off sorting out our own various investment pots for several years. Having not got very far with obtaining alternative providers we did not look forward to the thought of all the letter writing that would be involved. It was then that a friend suggested that we made contact with Ken Kerr. Since then we have received an excellent, personal and first class service from Britton Financial.

All we had to do was provide them with the existing providers and relevant policy numbers, and they have done the rest. All our various investments have been consolidated into one overall provider who covers a wide spread of investment. Ken has given us four very useful consultations at our home in Cambridgeshire, which was very convenient indeed.

It is without any reservation that we would recommend Ken’s services. It is the friendly and quiet way that he brings to such matters that make you feel comfortable discussing such very personal issues. Britton Financial is relaxed and friendly and both Ken and his secretary are always willing to go that extra mile.

Two very satisfied clients, Cambridgeshire.

‘I can confidently recommend Britton Financial Ltd to anyone seeking independent financial advice. The courteous assistance given by Mr Ken Kerr in setting up an investment portfolio tailored to my financial requirements after my retirement was highly commendable.

The comprehensive Planning Report which I received following our meeting outlined the transactions agreed in a clear and straight forward manner. These transactions were executed swiftly and competently and annual reviews of the same to monitor progress were encouraged.

I find that any queries are dealt with immediately and to my satisfaction. The subsequent performance of my financial investments assures me that my portfolio is in capable hands.’